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Bokjumeoni (Korea's Lucky Pouch)

Bokjumeoni (Korea's Lucky Pouch)

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handmade in Korea


Bokjumeoni (복주머니) is comprised of two words “bok” meaning luck, and “jumeoni” meaning pockets, with its overall meaning “lucky pouch.” To put it simply, it is a pouch that wishes you good luck.
Traditionally, it was an accessory worn by all regardless of gender, and had the same meaning as a talisman. It was believed in the past to hold luck and fortune and to ward off evil spirits and ghosts.
This fortune pouch was also used as a pockets because Hanbok (Korean traditional clothes), has no pockets in it.
It is rarely seen as much these days, but was a very precious gift and beautiful accessory in the old days. In modern times, it is seen as a precious souvenir and as a symbol of good fortune and success.
We hope that through this pouch, your wishes and resolutions for the new year will come to fruitation.

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