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[borahstudio] Flower's Message (Moonlight) : Forget Me Not Collection

[borahstudio] Flower's Message (Moonlight) : Forget Me Not Collection

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Our Flowers in Bloom (Moonlight) contains dark Forget Me Not flower text bubble stickers in dark colors ranging from red, blue, green and black - perfect for adding color, texture and dimension to journaling, polaroids, scrapbooking and more. Our stickers are small yet detailed and intentionally designed to provide an easy and enjoyable user experience for decorating whatever you want! Inspired by fairytales and nostalgic childhood stories, they add a little bit of pixie dust and magic to your creations! These are also coated with holographic details, so they add the perfect sparkle.

  • dark red, dark blue, dark green, black 
  • PVC
  • 50 mm x 150 mm
  • holographic coating 


  • @borahstudio on Instagram and TikTok


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